Jun 25, 2015

Snow Patrol + Thero [#tbt]

Stressed out. The computer labs have an especially quiet resonance to them tonight. Evacuated of warm bodies that might share in my anxiety. This ever expanding pad of empty pages is a reflection of how far behind this semester has fallen. That living nightmare of neglect. This relic of technology is my escape. Not to redemption but to artificial comfort. A fake notion of accomplishment that osmosis might affect these ailing neurons. Yet nothing but a blank stare is accommodated when the earbuds are plugged in. Hours of potential wasted as thoughts run thru the mind of a 22 year old with no ideas about how the real world yet works. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

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Jun 23, 2015

The Colourist + Away [indie pop]

Pretty much all the features of a song that I enjoy in the summer. Poppy basslines. Airy vocals. Catchy and quirky chorus. Yea this is just fine for June.

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Jun 16, 2015

FF7 + remake [finally]

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May 28, 2015

Kid Cudi + Steve Aoki [#tbt]

An endeavor is defined an attempt to achieve a goal. What goals do I have in life? What goals for my kid... for this blog... for this apartment.. my job.. my family. And of what purpose does achieving those goals do for my well being or betterment?

I could continually get raises at work by overachieving and outperforming my peers. For what though? To be turned away at the next promotion opportunity and set aside for another bright upstart?
I could look at improving myself both in self image, physical well being, and expected life longevity. But why? For my son? So he can take care of me in hospice as I wither away slowly. Ever so gradually losing grasp on today's ever accelerating world?
I could be nice to people in my life, support them in times of need and desperation, laugh with them in times of amusement, hold them close in times of sorry and regret. Or see it all not matter and be washed away like a half gallon of spoiled milk.

So do what it is that makes you happy. That's the only thing that matters. The selfish pursuit of what keeps you going every day. The good things the get caught up are all just big bonuses in your path.

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

All art by Craig Davison


May 16, 2015

DATA + Benny Sings [french electro]

Haven't seen much from DATA for a while, good to see the frenchman is still doing his thing.. and doing it well. In fact he's been pretty quiet since his hayday in the french electro revival of the late aughts. One EP in 2014 and now this single in 2015.

DATA - Don't Sing (Feat. Benny Sings)


May 12, 2015

filous + summer [indie dance]

Filous is pretty much hitting 1.000 with his remixes thus far (that's 'one-thousand', or hitting 'perfect' for those of you too trendy for a bit of baseball vernacular). Just look at these hearts on the hypem charts, 5.5k, 9.4k, 5.4k, 10k, 15k, 7.2k... what in the what? All deserved though after listening thru the remixes up and down. They have that summer-melodic-chill sound that is ohhhh so welcomed.

Urban Cone - Come Back To Me ft. Tove Lo (Filous Remix)

Milky Chance - Flashed Junk Mind (Filous Remix)

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the muppets [season 1]

This. Is. Happening! Of course it will probably be over-hyped, over-marketed, under-budgeted, and given a short-leash with ratings and last one-half season this fall.


Penguin Prison + Eternal [dance pop]

More from Mr Popper himself... Penguin Prison dropped his latest LP last week, Lost in New York, and the track "Show Me the Way" that made it to the top of the hypem popular charts. Cant believe it's been 6 years since we blogged about Glover's first release, and then when he got the Oliver treatment a few years later.

He's collaboarated with another /bitchen favorite, RAC, so it's no surprise that this album and track ring true to the catchyness of pure pop vocals, heel kicking beats, and building bridges that [snap] never end ;-)

Penguin Prison - Show Me the Way

Check the entire album on SoundCloud


May 9, 2015

Digitalism + RAC [electro pop]

I must've not been blogging at this time last year when this came out.. because there's zero chance this would've missed the site. As it features two of our favorite names in the game, Digitalism and RAC. The original version of the track is verrrrry Digitalism-esque with those bassy synths and korg-styled drum kits.

The lyrics over the original melody are fantastic, and RAC give their patented remix treatment... ie. tight percussion, bright melodies, layered and deep transitions--just the highest of quality you could ask for. I'll literally post any remix by RAC, I'm that enamored with their work.

Digitalism - Wolves (ft. Youngblood Hawke) (RAC Mix)

Digitalism - Wolves

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May 7, 2015

La Roux + Jack Beats [#tbt]

Starting up a new thing here... trying to stay hip with the youngster hashpound lingo (fuuuuck you kids). But each Thursday we'll be resurfacing some of our favorite tracks of the last 8 years of running this blog.

First up is an old favorite, both in original artist and remixer. Originally posted in our bestuvohnein post well over 5 years ago... i think that fits in the throwback category, at least in the blog world where two weeks is already ancient news.

I picked this track because it features La Roux, whom recently released her second studio album, of which I loved, but not as much as her debut which exploded with singles like Bulletproof, In For the Kill, Quicksand, and our title track, I'm Not Your Toy.

On the other side of the track title, Jack Beats was a favorite for much of the later aughts producing remixes in the stylish and trendy jacked house sub genre. It's a look back at how quickly things transition from one like to the next hash.

art by DevintheCool