Mar 29, 2015

Chainsmokers + sirenXX + Dave Edwards (progressive house)

Fuuuuuuck I like this. Plus its more than just club-anthem mix interlude like the original (also posted). The vocals from sirenXX are hauntingly adolescent and endearing. To quote a reddit comment... "I'm conflicted. The vocals are catchy and beautifully sung but I really don't want to say them aloud..."

 Yes. But in my head I'm screaming.


Cazzette + Oliver Nelson [progressive house]

So I noticed a few of the comments on SoundCloud for this Sleepless remix were negative describing it as just the same song slowed to 110 bpm and a steady kick-clap... but I disagree. There is no reason to ever read social media comments. While the Oliver Nelson remix provides a slower more chill tempo than the original club version, we also get an 80s-ish throwback Toto vibe which is always welcome in my headphones.  Oh yea, this was drafted last July.

Image by ether


Silicon Valley [season 2]


Feb 1, 2015

Phoebe Ryan [indie pop]

It's snowing a lot. I could make some metaphorical comment about how that relates to my life currently, but its not even worth it. That in itself could symbolize my thoughts on current happenings more than other words. meh.

Photo by jtjintjelaar


Jul 6, 2014

Vanic + Machineheart [indie pop]

Weekend was too short.


Jul 5, 2014

Olivver + Lucy [electro pop]

Lull after the fourth? Better relieve it with some good ass music. Olivver is a new LA project, dont know much else other than their SoundCloud bio. The driving menacing bass and lyrics work though.

photo by lieveheersbeestje


Apr 18, 2014

Chromeo + Dillon Francis [electro]


Apr 9, 2014

Young Hearts + Old Farts [indie pop]

Even though I'm at the grumpy and cynical age of 30.. I cant help but enjoy the blind enthusiasm that this song exudes. Then again, fuck you millenials and your stereos. We were belting out our jams on our boom boxes before you were even an afterthought on some drunk vacation. Grrrr.


Apr 8, 2014

sirenXX + Complications [indie pop]

Well this came out of left field... straight to the top of the hypem charts and ingrained in that little part of your brain that cant help but listen over and over and over to the lovely harmonies, hypnotic percussions, and driving hooks. This is Siren's first single off an impending release... follow Kat and Sky on the Twits.


Dec 2, 2013

Kanye + Solidisco [nu disco]

I dont like posting Kanye... and technically this is all Charlie Wilson's vocals over some old soul music samples... less Kanye the better. Glad Solidisco was able to snipe the best and strongest part of the track into a french nuwave disco track.