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Jan 9, 2013

Anamanguchi - Meow [8bit]

Huzzah for new Anamanaguchi!! Finally the asinine social notifications pay off! While I do admittedly find the 'meow' samples annoying, trivial, and gimmicky... it's still representative of the happy, bouncy, frenetic chiptuning that we all love!

Anamanaguchi - Meow



Sep 24, 2010

Anamanaguchi + RAC [8-bit]

8-Bit electronic music always, and i repeat, ALWAYS will have a place deep inside every male ages 24-35. There will be some outside that demo that appreciate the blips and bleeps as well, but those that grew up with the olive screened gameboy and pixelated games from the little gray and black box will listen to those noises and be taken aback to a better time, a better place, where none of us cared about politics, wars, economies, copyright infringements, or the latest apple product.

When music sparks that kind of emotion, even if just a remembrance to another time, it's done it's job. Thank you music.

Anamanaguchi - Airbrushed (RAC Remix) | /bitchen highly recommended

RAC - Super Mario Bros (RAC Mix)