May 28, 2010

Chemical Brothers + Swoon [roots]

About damn time dont you think? The Chemical Brothers are (finally) releasing their 7th full studio album, Further, on June 14th... and seeing how I wasn't really feeling We Are The Night... this makes over 5 years since I got some new *dust* for my cans.

A quick search on hypem will give you about 12,000 copies of Don Diablo's remix of "Swoon" (which is actually their second single off this album. So rather than repost the same ish as everyone else... I'll be posting a few of my all time favorite Chemical Bros.

Enjoi ser bitches

The Chemical Brothers - Leave Home | from Exit Planet Dust, first album, first single... where the love affair started

The Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence | i 'surrendered' when i first heard this bass drop at the start of the track... ungodly awesome

The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar | please watch this video if you haven't... just youtube, it will forever change the way you think when gazing out the passenger side window

The Chemical Brothers - Loops of Fury | the track title says it all. it is literal fury

The Chemical Brothers - Surface To Air | easily my favorite of the bunch... the buildup from nothing to epic hotness is beyond words. tears come to my eyes every time i listen to this


3 bitches:

Scott said...

surface to air is a great track, but if tears are coming to your eyes you best get some eye drops, bro

doreen w. said...

"leave home" link didn't worked on me. listened leave home from here

dasMetzger said...

yea none of the tracks work anymore... the authorities that be took them down for me