Sep 26, 2015

Dan Deacon + Adult Swim [experimental]

Dan Deacon Live Concert @ Botanique Bruxelles-1202

Not having cable means one is limited in the media they consume. Either by word of mouth, podcasts, npr, or in this case--reddit. Nine different (read: amazing and unique) animators came together to collaborate a music video for Dan Deacon's track "When I Was Done Dying".

Here are the animators in chronological order per the video:

  1. Jake Fried
  2. Chad VanGaalen
  3. Dimitri Stankowicz
  4. Colin White
  5. Taras Hrabowsky
  6. Anthony Schepperd
  7. Masanobu Hiraoka
  8. Caleb Wood
  9. Kokofreakbean

Much inspiration. Very trip. Sehr erstaunlich.


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