Oct 18, 2015

Phoenix + Uppermost [french house]

Haven't heard the non-remixed version, but I do enjoy this french house/nu disco remix from producer Uppermost. Reminds me of some early Alan Braxe & Fred Falke. Pressuring bass under 80's synth drums giving way to funk guitar solos? ...mmmmmmyyeaaa! Unfortunately he could've taken things past the initial apex at the 2:30 mark and continued with an extended breakdown maximizing in what ended up being an abrupt finale. Edit anyone?

Sometimes I love just closing my eyes to a song, tapping my toes uncontrollably, imagining driving down an empty highway in the middle of the night, not another soul for miles. This is peace to me. An illogical surreal setting I know this, but that's what daydreaming to music is supposed to do for you, right? Give you the slightest escape in an otherwise inescapable world.

Phoenix - Bourgeois (Uppermost Remix)

Bonus on the similar dreamy chill vibe... Tycho! I posted Awake nearly two years ago, my god. Still as good as ever if you haven't checked anything by him out before.

Spoon - Inside Out (Tycho Remix)

Art by PascalCampion


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