Nov 10, 2007

Lightspeed Champion - "Galaxy Of The Lost"

Wow, check this out... I'm gonna have to edit this later, cos I'm not in the condition to hype this artist at all at the moment. Simply amazing, and check it out immediately.


So I've returned after a little over a week of enjoying this song, and have realized that whomever decided on the 'radio edit' version should be shot. not in the head or anything, but perhaps in a way to shatter a knee or hip. Taking out the intro to that song is a sin, as it not only a grand way to introduce the song, but sets up the whiny and desperate mood of the lyrics.

Does anyone else feel a little bit of Wilco after the first chorus and throughout the remaining length of the song? The twangy folkish guitar reminds me of "Summerteeth". Plus a small shout out to check that out if you've never done so before. The entire Wilco collection for that matter deserves a listen.

But as for Lightspeed Champion, good luck finding any of their stuff online, as even I've had a struggle finding it. The album is Galaxy of the Lost from Domino Records. Good luck and enjoy.


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