Jan 24, 2008

Danger - 9H20

Here's another French electro extraordinaire who continues with the 80's action-movie themes so aptly characterized by Kavinsky. Danger takes that style a step further into an ultra dramatic realm, . His latest set of releases are all in the same 'time of day' format.

The video is just a couple fans that rock out to the song. But it totally fits. Just two guys (vbg) dancing to electro in a hallway with Megatron masks. Dont take too much into the video itself, rather absorb the song and just imagine yourself preparing for a heist. If you lay this track over the truck chase scene in Heat, it'll pretty much work the same way the Dark Side of the Moon worked with the Wizard of Oz. Am I joking? I'm not sure... but you'll have to listen either way to find out. Enjoy bitches.

EDIT: Uploaded the actual track as well as a few bitchen remixes.

Danger - 9h20
Danger - 9h20 (Culture Prophet Remix)
Danger - 9h20 (Neon Coyote Remix)


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