Mar 20, 2008

The Black Ghosts

The Black Ghosts are composed of Simon Lord and Theo Keating (Simon being formerly in the band Simian of "La Breeze" fame, which has now been broken down into electro duo Simian Mobile Disco).

Their most popular track to date is "Any Way You Choose to Give It", of which I also posted a few bangin' remixes. One being an 8-bit mix which is emerging as one of my personal favorite hybrid genres (reminds me of old school NES games).

They just wrapped up a week at the SXSW music and film festival in Austin, TX, and are continuing around the west coast. I'd love for these guys to come to Chitown and do a DJ set of their own. I really like what I hear so far.


"Any Way You Choose to Give It" [youtube]
"Some Way Through This" [youtube]

"Any Way You Choose to Give It (full version)"

"Any Way You Choose to Give It (Boy-8-Bit Version)"

"Any Way You Choose to Give It (The Whip Remix)"


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