May 22, 2008

Plxs (mnml btchs)

Minimalist experimental techno is an iffy topic for me. Everything has its time and place, and unfortunately, minimal doesn't fit in my schedule very often. But while sitting here at work, bored as hell, with the same remidial tasks ahead of me, I dig it.

I read about Pluxus first on Discobelle, with apparant good news that the swedish technopop act recently finished a deal with Kompakt. None of that is too important tho, but the music and music videos are.

Here you go bitches, and enjoy the minimalism in all its technopoppin glory (maybe read a book, or take a nap, or go walk lakeshore with this, not for the drunken party-goer).



Pluxus - Kinoton

Pluxus - Agent Tagent


Mp3: Pluxus - Kinoton

Mp3: Pluxus - Transient


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