Jun 12, 2008

A few things from the Inbox

Just a few cool tracks that I've had burning in my inbox for a while, and promised I would get posted. The first duo hailing from the UK is Old School Reunion. I dont know too much about them other than they are James and Celeste (gonna jump out on a limb and say that's one dude and one chicka). Truthfully I'm a bit ashamed for not knowing more after all the notes we've exchanged over the last few weeks, but it looks like Neon Rider did most the hard work for me [link]. I do know that their stuff is rockin that retrofit 80's style that I and so many others are loving.

Here's a new track from them 'Just Robotica', as well as an oldie but goodie. [myspace]

Mp3: OldSchoolReunion - Just Robotica

Mp3: OldSchoolReunion - LOVEstory


Then we have another Aussie that goes by Nixon, which of whom I first read on Trashbags Kids, who turns out to actually be one of Trashbags' resident DJ's along side Redial and Smacktown (seriously, these dudes from Koalaland know how to make some murderous ish). His sounds are obviously influenced by the recent french revival, but there aint nothing wrong with that amiright?

Posted are a few songs he so kindly sent my way, enjoy! [myspace]

Mp3: Nixon - 4SS

Mp3: Nixon - Mr Happy

Just a few more, from local Chitown guy, Master Control. [myspace]

Mp3: Master Control - Do It

Mp3: Master Control - Lift Off


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tobieproject said...

amazin old school reunion!!!!
I love these guys!!
he he eh!!!!