Jun 25, 2008



While watching the German team mount an incredible win over a fearless and formidable Turkey team (as well as enduring ESPN's horrid broadcasting signal [sure sure, its not technically their fault, but someone as huge as ESPN should have weather controlling devices amiright?])... I've been enjoying some tracks from LA based LAZRtag. Their Crystal Castles remix is a splendid blend of 8-bit and other not-so-80's video game noises.

Stick around for another Crystal Castles remix that'll be dropping soon, and hope that these kids will be able to make it out to Chitown for a few shows (where are you promoters?)

Mp3: Crystal Castles - Crimewave (LAZRtag Remix)

Also, check out hot biscuits who had posted earlier about one of LAZRtag's original productions, 'Detonate'. [linky for you to clicky]


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