Jun 23, 2008

Skimpy Swimwear from Canada


Got these in my inbox over the weekend and never got around to listening to them until today. My mistake, as I could've been chillin' to a couple of really superb pieces of electronica during the weekend. Bikini is a Montreal duo made up of Johnny Penn and Aaron Aujla, who have rapidly been getting exposure from across the world since one of their tracks was leaking onto the interwebs (that being their cover of 1234 by Feist).

When asked about their new EP that's ready to drop in July, the duo responded:
We have maybe 2 full lengths worth of music at the moment, but we wanted to take it slow, ease into it, we're going to be around for a while. With our release we have 7 songs that we've been playing for our scenes in Toronto and MTL for a while now, they're anthems, serious hits, the two on our space are the most calm of them all, if they are Sunday afternoons then on July 7th we're releasing a whole bunch of Friday nights at like 1:58am right before last call.
[via Sydney Sounder]

untitled by Aaron Aujla
Artwork entitled 'Untitled' by Aaron Aujla.

You should give Sydney Sounder a visit for the full interview. It's actually quite interesting. But I'll leave with the two tracks they do have available now

Mp3: Bikini - 1234 [Feist Cover]

Mp3: Bikini - I Remember Being Young


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