Jul 28, 2008

It's Tricky Kid


I love getting music in my inbox (and even more so when it's actually worth my time in opening and listening). Domino Records sent over a few singles from Tricky, here's the press:

...we're kicking things off in North America with the August 5th release of the gritty, resolute "Council Estate," the first single taken from, Knowle West Boy, Tricky's first album in five years. If the allure of chord stabs from resurrected Italio-house pianos and the howl of James Brown weren't enough to draw you in, do yourself by making it to the 3:00 mark when the song crosses over the event horizon and is pulled apart on the atomic level...

...Tricky returned to the UK to make his Domino debut (though mixed back in LA with Switch). Knowle West is the section of Bristol where Tricky grew up and this album is rooted deeply there. Knowle West Boy runs the gamut of Tricky's musical loves, from the hard-hitting urban frontline reporting of The Specials and Public Enemy on "Council Estate" to the classic brooding Bristol trip-hop sound that first put Tricky on the map on tracks like "Past Mistake."

Mp3: Tricky - Council Estate (Drums Of Death Remix)

Mp3: Tricky - Past Mistake


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Anonymous said...

Love this guy sososo much and thanks for this, d.o.d mix is rulin !!