Sep 25, 2008

St Pauli und Egotronic


I've been sitting on this track for a while... because I'm retarded. Just caught me at a bad time where I haven't a lot of time to sort thru all the inbox material. Apologies out to St Pauli who effin molested an already kick ass german techno track from Egotronic. I saw on their myspace that they justed added this to their player, which picks up the song at the 1:07 mark. So feel special that you have access to the full mastered un-radio-edit version.


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Mp3: Egotronic - Raven gegen Deutschland (Saint Pauli Remix)

BONUS: I decided to throw in their B52's remix as well (that's right, the B52's). You'll hear the same familar sound from the Egotronic mix, which works on dancefloors and tv couches alike.

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Mp3: B52's - Juliette In The Spirits (Saint Pauli Remix)


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