Oct 14, 2008

Halloween Costume Final

Those of you who know me personally, could probably guess my halloween costume in 3 tries. And tho greenman (from Its Always Sunny...) might not have been one of your guesses, it was mosdef considered. I'm just not down on spending $70 for an online costume that'll prolly fit like shit.


So instead I decided to perfect my Shaun of the Dead costume. And bitches it is effin' studio quality. While I wont be heading to LA for the epicness that is Justice, Soulwax, SMD, Crystal Castles, etc... I will be heading back down to Purdue for an extended weekend of ass-kickery. Electro can take a break for one weekend.

Alternative content

Mp3: JDP - Freedom Land | downlaod [brand new out of the studio tonight from Chitown lyricist JDP, touches on many of the issues that affect so many Americans today. Fitting for the political season with only a few weeks left til the election]


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