Oct 9, 2008

Keenhouse House


Keenhouse is part of the building LA community of DJ's and producers that have more or less kick-started the future disco revolution in America. This collective goes by the name Binary, and regularly provide dance floor fodder across the LA metro area. Ken Rangkuty actually has quite the extensive portfolio, and is a pure musician having been heavily influenced by European electronic music when growing up.

You might remember previous Binary artists covered here, Alfa and NightWaves in particular (and you can be sure to hear more Binary artists soon as I have a soft spot for this type of electro). These kids are definitely reminiscent of other more blogged about international acts such as Moulinex, GRUM, Xinobi, and Anoraak. Melody driven synths, that wonderful wobbly disco bass, and a solid dance tempo are everything that I love out of future disco. Besides, I think Discodust already made a few posts... so their future is pretty well safe.

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Mp3: p e a c e FIRE - Baghdad Rainbow (Keenhouse Remix) [the original is a 7 minute epic full of bright synthwork and wonky bass. The remix bumps it with a funky groove without straying too much from what gave the song its character]

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Mp3: Keenhouse - Deep in the Forest [maybe my favorite new filtered house track of all time. The melodic synths at the 2:20 mark are heaven in a cup]

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Mp3: Division Kent - L’Heure Bleue (Keenhouse Remix) [i dont know too much about Division Kent yet, but I know that Keenhouse worked in something a little more dramatic with this one. Think SymbolOne vs a more down tempo Yelle (or vs Air)]

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Mp3: Keenhouse - Feel The Drive (Doctor's Cat Cover) [part of the Buffetlibre Rewind project back in July, this cover not only contemporizes an italo disco original, but also provides new vocals that dont sound like shit]


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Thor said...

Thanks! Love Keenhouse but can't find their music anywhere, remixes are excellent!