Oct 10, 2008

Potty Mouth - The Bulgarian


Since an earlier post about upcoming fidget house group Urchins, I was more than pleased to see the new Potty Mouth promo sitting in my inbox. The new release this month comes from The Bulgarian, who may be a new artist to you, but is no new member to the fidget community.

The Bulgarian started his road to success about 10 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa. And after initially latching on to dnb, he immersed himself into a wide variety of electronic genre's, and opened his own music studio in 2003. It was then that the aspiring producer decided to focus primarily on productions, and thus was born 'The Bulgarian'.


Similar to other fidget artists, The Bulgarian decontstrucs conventional house, while sparring with elements of glitch, sleaze and tech to remaster the beats in his own personal style. After multiple highly successful releases and partnerships with other labels and producers, his unconventional bump and thump sound landed him a spot with Potty Mouth Music.
“I bring a unique kind of mental craziness to the sound with lots of big bass and hungry energy”
The Air Bounce EP can be found now exclusively on beatport. Here a few teaser clips to hold you over in the ebb between now and when you click thru to Beatport and get the whole EP in full 320 kbs glory (i know you want it).

[the bulgarian myspace]
[potty mouth myspace]
[get the new EP exclusively at Beatport]

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Mp3: The Bulgarian - Air Bounce (128 kbs clip)

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Mp3: The Bulgarian - Air Bounce (Nick Supply Remix) (128 kbs clip)

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Mp3: The Bulgarian - Drop Down (128 kbs clip)


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The Bulgarian said...

haha, just stumbled on this randomly. thanks for the nice write-up! ;)

also to those that might be new to Potty Mouth check out PMM003, my first outing with Potty Mouth from November last year: Jack It Like a Zombie also with an awesome remix by Santiago & Bushido. ;)

The BG