Nov 6, 2008

this is so effin' boss.

Straight from the south of France--err I mean the capital of Texas in Austin is Plus Move, with a brand new release that is more fire than I've posted in a long ass while. Originally from New England, Josh Shifrin and Paul Mihailoff abandoned their punk and hip-hop backgrounds to form some of the heaviest ish this side of the pond. One of the best quotes I've read in a long while, explains how so many electro-bots might feel about music in today's age, from Paul:

“I was actually into producing hip-hop beats when we first met, and I threw Daft Punk in the same category as the bland, repetitive, four-on-the-floor stuff that I couldn’t get into. But once I understood the energy behind it, I started listening to all the other French producers.”
Its not all uhn-tse-uhn-tse-uhn-tse-uhn-tse... ctrl v. Dance music has character, uniqueness to every song, and the uncanny ability to make people lose control unwearily. Plus Move does just that with their new single "Boss". Please please please give these guys your support and hit up their space and buy their new release [itunes]

Mp3: Plus Move - Boss

[more future sounds from plus move]


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