Dec 11, 2008



Welcome young and old, class and trash, pure sex and garbage... this is the kickoff for soquitcherbitchen's year-end countdown. The theme for this countdown are the top 20 remixes of 2008. "Best" is a loose word at it's core, so to be more specific, we'll lay some ground rules:

1. remixes only (sorry "Dusk Till Dawn" and "Kelly")
2. remix must have been released or first appeared in 2008
3. only one track per remixer
4a. my blog, my rules, my preferences, my list
4b. comments will always be heard, but not always respected

Essentially, this is a list of remixes that I have been particularly fond of this year, and all have seen extensive stays on my playlists in one form or another. Some from deep in the yearly vaults, some have just seen the light of day. Some melt faces on the dancefloors, others provide chill-ectro-fied bliss. All are my favorites, soquitcherbitcen.

I'll be releasing one track each day up until the new year, and since the top 20 technically wont start until tomorrow... here's something that just didn't quite make the cut. There were so many excellent remixes in this blog-world-proclaimed "Year of the Remix"... I just couldn't find a place in the top 20 for it (which might just tell you how good this list will be (no promises)).

Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery (DIM Remix) | download


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