Dec 7, 2008

Flak Attack


I'm pleased to introduce to you Mr Mark Davies. Coming at us from Bristol in the UK, he'll be better known as Flak Attack. With a deep bank of influences ranging from early electronica to indie pop to 90's alternative... Mark has been messing with music production for most of his young life, but only started proper within the last year.

His style isn't yet defined, but it'll evolve... currently he fits the mold of the current blog house scene with plenty of filtered four-on-the-floor beats. Surprisingly he doesn't DJ regularly, but his tunes could easily fit in any dj set... so try these out at home kiddies. 320 kbs!

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Flak Attack - Itchiker | download /bitchen highly recommends

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Flak Attack - It's Not the Way to Do It | download

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Flak Attack - Smash Gasolina (Fake Blood vs Vandalism) | download


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