Jan 15, 2009

Akai APC40 = dream Ableton controller


Never profiled or mentioned hardware on this blog... so another first! Those out there that dabble in production, live mixing, or just casual music loving will enjoy the bit of news that surfaced today. Akai (probably the most respected drum pad producers with their MPC series) has announced a new controller specifically built for Ableton Live.

You wont find touch sensitive pads on this piece (but my MPD24 can do that just fine), but you will find 72 controllers all pre-programmed with no self user mapping required (singing from the heavens).

Read more details at Create Digital Music [link]


6 bitches:

Mokota said...

This looks like a great controller for either production or performance.

dasMetzger said...

indeed... i've been scouring for a price but cant find it... mind you when i say scouring i mean i checked turntable labs and didn't see it listed.

stv slv said...

this plus live 8 = awesome

dasMetzger said...

this + live 8 + max for live = uber awesome!

i can see you and aaron tearing up some serious ish with this on the dancefloor.

NewjacK said...

das...do you play/spin anywhere in chicago??

dasMetzger said...

oh no. only privately and possibly online. but i'd love to play live eventually.