Jan 22, 2009


The boys of Lime Green Shirt (Archangel, Sylock and Cosine) put together a tune called 'FrosTAY' for Xmas '07.
And it was amazingly ridiculous.
They returned with a remix this year and I took a swing at remixing the remix. Hope you dig. Or at least laugh a little.

Lime Green Shirt - FrosTAY
Lime Green Shirt - FrosTAY (Pt. 2 Remix)
Lime Green Shirt - FrosTay (Elijah's Cold Hard Carrot Remix)


3 bitches:

dasMetzger said...

hahaha... ken is fu*kin awesome

NewjacK said...

Which one is urs...pt.2??

Elijah said...

my remix is the Elijah's Cold Hard Carrot one.