Feb 3, 2009

Oh Sh*t...


That expression might be all you need to fully envelope all your emotions at the 0:37 second mark in this remix. Oh Shit! knew what they were looking for when they made 99love's 'Flash That Skin' into a dancefloor sex romp. Please do ;)

99love - Flash That Skin (Oh Shit! Remix) | download (320 kbs)

BONUS /bitchen: A few singles from the LA based production duo as well. Oh Shit! left us with plenty to choose from, here's a couple and expect much more from Sean and Devoe in the future.

Oh Shit! - Romance | download (320 kbs) (removed due to future release)

Oh Shit! - Disgusting (Fat and Ugly "Fuck That" Remix) | download (320 kbs)


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