Mar 11, 2009

And the backlash begins...

Veronica from the CreamTeam music blog here in Chicago recently wrote an open letter to hype machine for their sudden decision to only include the top100 blogs in their main page postings. This means that for music blogs like ours, hers, and hundreds of others, our content will only be found via search.

Not that big of a deal right? Well think again as she hits the issue spot on. I'm not gonna reproduce the entire letter for you here... instead you'll need to follow the link to CreamTeam which will inevitably populate a Technorati link to add to their 'total score' at hypem. Apparently that's the only thing that matters now in music blog writing (tic).

[link for the entire letter via CreamTeam]

Good luck all of us non-100 music writers.


Apparently voices do work, and hypem isn't so bad after all. Click [here] for more details on how you can sort your hypem homepage the way you want. Overview, All Blogs, Top100, Clown Baby, etc. It's a mixed bag if you ask me, but at least it's progress.


4 bitches:

Anthony said...

ah well, this is still one of my fav blogs, screw hypem

Anonymous said...

Really, who cares? Hypem is boring and ineffective and Veronica from the CreamTeam sounds like she is whining cause she didn't get picked for kickball in middle-school.

Anonymous said...

My feeling is that what draws readers to a good and consistent music blog is good writing, good music links, and reliability.

Hence, we "non-100's" simply need to send readers to one another, when
the occasion calls for it, with a logo and a link. I send my readers to other blogs all the time, so a kind of EXPONENTIAL GROWTH growth occurs. Plus why not take pride in being an exclusive non-Hypem network?...seems a little more "underground," non-corporate and renegade..."Marduk" at Nibootoo,proud member of the "Hypem 'Non-100' Network."

dasMetzger said...

you're right, and for sites like this where it is non-revenue generating, the number of readers and click-throughs really doesn't matter.

i think i provide a decent level of writing to complement the music... and getting the readers and clicks that i DO get is fine with me.

but my site is far from a career move, and there are those out there that use their blog as either part of their industry, or even for revenue generating... what hypem initially did could be very damaging to those blogs that dont fit in the top100 (and really... compared to the thousand of music blogs, the top100 is a VERY small and exclusive sliver of the big picture).

point being, i didn't see any reason to change. rarely do i actually look at the front main page of hypem anyways (instead just going to my hearted blog pages), so the change doesn't affect me per se... but i can see how it would cause challenges to others, and that's unnecessary.