Apr 17, 2009

Shake Yo Blood

blood shake _

From São Paulo, Brazil comes a new source for breaks and fidget house. Where glitched out beats and hard ass kicks used to nearly exclusively call their home in the US and UK (think Switch, AC Slater, Jack Beats, Drop the Lime, Rob Threezy, Andy George, etc)... comes DJ's Zero and Laka, better known as Blood Shake.

The duo have been producing dirty for over a year now, and just this past January started remixing their favorites. Not sure on the label/artist approval of the remixes, but it'd be a shame to get that slap on the wrist by the web sheriff for posting such solid fidget. Look forward to their upcoming Dirty Ghetto Lovers EP being released on Myspace Music Brazil. As long as peeps love hard and heavy beats, there'll always be plenty of audience for well produced hosue like this.

Electrika - Electrika Vem Ca (Blood Shake Remix) | download [320 kbs]

Boss In Drama - Favorite Song (Blood Shake Remix) | download [320 kbs]

Blood Shake - Levanta a Saia | download [320 kbs]

Superpose - Queen of the Night (Blood Shake Remix) | download [320 kbs]


3 bitches:

thiago said...

Yeaaaahh! Brasil represent!!
sign. Sabota!!

Jan said...

Whoowee! Great tracks

Bart said...

brazilian bastardzzzz.....