Jun 4, 2009

Best Wishes at the Killing Party!


San Francisco three-piece Good Luck At The Gunfight fired a pair of synth-laden masterpieces our way. The 80's inspired tracks draw up visions of electric summer love. Go find yourself a hun or a homeboy and get glocked this summer in the beautiful weather.

/end horrible puns

Good Luck At The Gunfight - Puma | download [320 kbs]

Good Luck At The Gunfight - Kimberly | download [320 kbs]

BONUS: Something that's been on repeat at my home computer for a while now, and it's just too awesome to deprive those of you might've missed it. We Plants Are Happy Plants are one of my favorites to emerge in the last year with their epic fullness and polish in each of their tracks and remixes.

We Plants Are Happy Plants - Apollo | download [320 kbs]


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killer! very good tunes here.

hey did you get the new tracks i sent you last week?