Jun 23, 2009

In Response To...

DISCLAIMER: I have never posted a political opinion on this blog, and dont plan on using this blog as a personal forum for my own views... but this just fucking hilarious:

The comment below was left on Drudge Report... in response to an article on the dwindling ratings numbers of CBS and ABC Nightly News. See how quick his rage and anger take over regardless of how 'surprisingly' centered the article is written. Remember, this is in response to TV ratings.

Nut. Job.

I don't know how these networks can even be consider "news" since they have become nothing more than a wing of the far, far leftest with an agenda to destroy the country from with in.

Most of America is still pretty conservative and don't care for the media being used as part of the Obama agenda! That "hope" and "change" mantra was also used by Obama's communist cousin in Kenya!

Look, the networks didn't do basic vetting on Obama. It didn't take any work at all to trace his communist, black Arab, Muslim roots back to the Kenyan slave traders...yes, the African American hero has roots back to the tribes that captured and sold slaves...pathetic but true.

Both Obama's parents were communists and his mentors were/are communists and socialists. When he said he would govern from the center he was talking about the middle of the two.

The media allowed Obama and Congress to justify the parasitic blood-sucking leeches, feeding on the life's blood of America to blame Bush for everything from Katrina to the housing crisis (which can be tracked back to the Carter years and the Urban Development Act (let's buy everyone a house and force the lenders to make bad loans so we look nice). They don't want to talk about that and just who was in the Senate last session? Who conspired against President Bush? Last time I checked we had three branches of government in this country and yet the media doesn't seem to know it.

Obama has gone way, way too far. We have a Constitution in this country and this smiley-faced dictator is breaking the law. We do still have laws don't we?

I am a small business owner that these imbeciles are putting out of business with high taxes, high fuel costs and insane belief that they can run a business better than those of us that built them! In fact, these imbecile politicians could be considered executives of a failing business bankrupted America. That being the case, these treacherous thieves should be fired. OBAMA, RIED, AND PELOSI WERE HAD THE MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS.

Hundreds of BILLION and tens of TRILLIONS IN HOG BILLS NEED TO BE CANCELED NOW! What part of BROKE and BANKRUPT don't these idiots understand? They have run out of our money and enslaved our children and their future to Communist China and worse!

As a citizen and taxpayer I want my elected "leaders" to DEMAND our money back from the robbers and looters!

It's not the Republicans that the Democrats need to fear in the next election. We, the Independents are going to send these crooks packing. I just hope we have a country left!



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