Jun 27, 2009

MJ Tribute

Art courtesy of yamenhazem

Seems like everyone under the sun has paid their respects, and told their stories about the man. And whether you will remember him as a music revolutionary, a king, or a troubled shell of a man... one thing is for certain, he will be remembered by all.

Celebrity always seems to dominate our news outlets at times like this... and we shouldn't forget some of the more pressing events in the world (Iran, dishonest governors, the plus 8, etc)... but Michael deserves a little corner of our thoughts if nothing more than because you've ever loved one of his songs.

Here are a few select tributes recently done by those inspired by the King of Pop.

Don Diablo - Song For MJ (Remember the Time) | download [320 kbs]

Discovery - I Want You Back (Jackson 5 Cover) | download [192 kbs] /bitchen highly recommended

Michael Jackson vs Bag Raiders - You Are Not Alone (VIKING & CJ Milli Shootings Stars Tribute) | download [320 kbs]


3 bitches:

Anonymous said...

they made this weeks before he passed on.

dasMetzger said...

If you're talking about the Discovery track, yes I know. However the song was still made 'recently', and as are all covers, 'inspired' by the original artist.

My post was the tribute to the man that passed.

Eclex said...

Love the Don Diablo Remember the time mix... Thanks