Aug 12, 2009

You Remain, Turned Away


Those that have read this blog for a while, will know of my soft spot for retro 8-bit electro. And those that know me personally will know of my soft spot for old school Weezer. So this song should speak for itself.

Weezer - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (Bit Shifter Remix) | 320 kbs

BONUS: I'll stick with the more mainstream rock/alt/pop/emo-ish crap, and post this Fall Out Boy track that get's ridiculously wicked with the bass around 1:44. Stick that in your whiny high school pipe and smoke it.

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care (Tommie Sunshine & Mightyfools Remix) | 320 kbs


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Anonymous said...

Love chiptunes!