Nov 10, 2009

Jesse Rose.

Somewhere between the reigning genres of yawn-inspiring minimal techno and the exhaustingly ear-piercing electro-blog-house sound is dance music. Remember House Music? Remember Funk? Remember when party music made you dance sideways instead of just banging your head or scratching your chin?
Meet Jesse Rose, the Berlin based co-creator of so-called "fidget house" - although a better name for his music might be "Smile-House". Rose just released his album, What Do You Do If You Don't? and it just might be the resurrection of all that is good in the electronic dance music world.
It is sample-based funky pop house. And it is fucking excellent.

Jesse Rose (feat. David E. Sugar) - Miss Taker | 320 kbs

Jesse Rose (feat. Hot Chip) - Forget My Name | 320 kbs

Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn | 320 kbs


3 bitches:

flat20 said...

The album is great! But wasn't it released early this year?

caisa said...

Hey hey hey!

Neon Noise Project presents Chromeo at Village Underground in Shoreditch in London on November the 27th!
Check it out!


Haizee said...

oh SHEEEE! this stuff is DOPE