Dec 6, 2009

The Shirtcast #11 - The Renegades

Get ready for an LGS EXCLUSIVE.
Brooklyn's Renegades invade the Shirtcast, kindly sharing their newest beats with mastercard delivery (priceless) from their top MC's G.A.Dre and Soundboy Cartagena.
We're Going In...

Lil’ Wayne – Redrum
The Renegades – Swag Juice Drippin’
The Renegades – Lettuce
Jim Jones – Summer Wit’ Miami
The Renegades – Thank God For The Renegades (OK Drums Remix)
The Renegades – Can’t Let Go
Ninth Wonder – Righteous Way To Go
The Renegades – Thank God For The Renegades
Lil’ Wayne – Swag Surfin’
Lil’ Wayne – A Milli
Soundboy Cartagena – Haichavo
Jay Z – Jigga What
Kanye West – Hear The Song
Fabolous – Throw It In The Bag Remix
Young Jeezy – Mister 17 5

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