Jan 19, 2010

discobelle + mvsevm + dada life [electro house]


Electronic blog legends Discobelle have finally joined the label race with their very first official release. The Swedes have been at this blogging thing since before the internet and now are starting a new venture in the realm of electronic music.

Starting the Discobelle era of music is French Jeans from MVSEVM, who are quoted as "...techno retirees strike back with a dose of cheesy keys & firm beats to make everything fresh again!" Fine by us. We get the Dada Life remix in a full 320, but you have to promise to support the grandfathers by buying the full album at beatport [link]

MVSEVM - French Jeans (Dada Life Remix) | 320 kbs


3 bitches:

Anonymous said...

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