Apr 23, 2010

Archangel - Chicken! I'm list.

Brooklyn's own Dee-Jay Archangel pumps out his first album of original works. Crank it up and blast this music in your earhole.
Remix EP coming this summer.

Special thanks to:
Sylock (mastering)
Cosine (vocals and vocoding)
Jackie Dupree (vocals)
Jon Bozeman (vocals)

1) Disco Robot
2) RockSteadyInLove feat. Cosine
3) Nothing Something
4) Shine On feat. Jackie Dupree
5) India Thang
6) Beautifully Dangerous
7) Baked
8) Uncommon
9) Karate Kid feat. Jon Bozeman
10) Gorgeous
11) Terpsichore (A Day of Moments remix by Archangel)
12) Good Time feat. Jackie Dupree

Download the whole damn thing for free HERE


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