Jun 12, 2012

Dillon Francis + D.veloped [electro mashup]

First post in well over 9 months... doesn't mean I've been completely devoid of indulging in good music, just that my time has been better spent in raising a family and getting my shit together in other areas of my life. It's summer in most relevant places on this Earth (sorry Australia), and summer means happy, bouncing beats.

I'll admit that I missed Dillon Francis' IDGAFOS the first time around, but hearing D.veloped's mashup with the typical hip-hop vocal overlay, shows that I got lucky in stumbling over this mix on the old hypem charts. Because the song underneath it all is a joyous, melodic, staccato'd, whistling dream of far off wondrous places.

Dillon Francis - IDGAFOS (D.veloped Extended Edit)


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