Jan 3, 2013

Flosstradamus + Modified [trap]

We here at /bitchen love us some Flossy... well, most of Flossy. The news is a few months old... but in case you missed the big dealo-controversy: our favorite trap-duo has been getting a bit too liberal when it comes to calling something 'sampled'. [link]

Recent releases off of Mad Decent's imprint Jeffree's, have been more or less released already, but in another subgenre, in another country, and by completely different artists. To Flossy's credit, they're not monetizing on these releases, but any pub is good pub in the entertainment world. Just not sure how crowds will be reacting next time they or anyone else at Mad Decent drop one of these 'illegitimate' tracks.

Still, these are solid tunes, just gotta give the original artists some credit.

Flosstradamus - MOTA (aka Second Identity - Modified)

Photo by science


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