May 28, 2015

Kid Cudi + Steve Aoki [#tbt]

An endeavor is defined an attempt to achieve a goal. What goals do I have in life? What goals for my kid... for this blog... for this apartment.. my job.. my family. And of what purpose does achieving those goals do for my well being or betterment?

I could continually get raises at work by overachieving and outperforming my peers. For what though? To be turned away at the next promotion opportunity and set aside for another bright upstart?
I could look at improving myself both in self image, physical well being, and expected life longevity. But why? For my son? So he can take care of me in hospice as I wither away slowly. Ever so gradually losing grasp on today's ever accelerating world?
I could be nice to people in my life, support them in times of need and desperation, laugh with them in times of amusement, hold them close in times of sorry and regret. Or see it all not matter and be washed away like a half gallon of spoiled milk.

So do what it is that makes you happy. That's the only thing that matters. The selfish pursuit of what keeps you going every day. The good things the get caught up are all just big bonuses in your path.

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

All art by Craig Davison


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