Nov 12, 2015

The Chemical Brothers + Born in the Echoes [electronica]

Yea, this came out over the summer. I missed it. Because I'm out of touch, dumb, clueless and filled with ineptitude.

Having the self defecating out of the way... onto the album at hand, Born in the Echoes. It's The Chemical Brothers' eigth studio release, and first full release since 2010. If you've been familiar with any of The Chemical Brothers' previous work, then you'll probably know what to expect here. Well polished techno-electronica, plenty of percussive layers, distortion, beeps & bloops.

"Go" has a pretty enticing bassline and vocals, and has already been featured in numerous promo spots for Google, Youtube, video games, and probably every sporting event hype-video in the coming future. That's fine, shit happens. And can somebody tell me if that's Q-Tip on vocals or not? It sounds like him, but I dont see him credited anywhere for it.

My other Chemical Brothers posts has consistently been my most viewed and searched out post on the interwebs (which has since been flagged ohhh so many times for DMCA notices, and no longer has any tracks available to it). People love The Chemical Brothers, for good reason, they've stood that paradoxical test of time. Looking forward to adding this album to my collection.

I guess it was Q-Tip... he's been credited on the album along with St. Vincent, Beck, Cate Le Bon, and Ali Love.

Cool. Cool cool cool.


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