Dec 13, 2015

Mr Little Jeans + Dear Santa [holiday]

Getting on the last holiday train of CTA~~

This time of year, it's nigh impossible to go to any store, street corner, radio station, podcast, uber, friend's car ride, or waiting room without being innundated with holiday songs. It's cool, I guess. There's the staples like Ol' Blue Eye's rendition of "Sleigh Ride", Mariah's "All I Want for Christmas is You", or even the worst holiday song ever created by Sir Paul.

A few other peeves I have... super religious songs, uninspired classical recreations, or even worse, new and updated versions of iconic staples. So having the common songs observed and accepted, I cant help but get excited when a new song comes by that is actually original, well sung and inspiring. Enter Mr Little Jeans and her motown-inspired original "Dear Santa".

Addictive lyrics and chorus make this an instant favorite (for me). Plus, come on, Mr Little Jeans do a Christmas song? Yes. Please.

Photo by Boqiang Liao


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