Jan 19, 2016

The Knocks + Wyclef Jean [electro house]

Winter is normally a drag (said everyone, ever). No need to dwell, but it suuuuucks. So it helps when some fun and uplifting music comes around the blogosphere. Nothing too summery that makes you miss the warmth and relaxation on a Saturday in the Park in Chicago (whhhaaaatt did I just do?) But that will come with time. For now, suck it up, watch a few more movies, catch up on your shows, snuggle with a loved one or two.

Right, music.

I'm a sucker for strong and pronounced baselines. The crunchier the better, and underneath The Knocks' down tempo crashes lays that fret clanging bass. Collab'd with Wyclef this time around, "Kiss the Sky" will be on their new album, 55, due out in March (see fig. 1a).

Speaking of collaborating, who aren't The Knocks working with nowadays? Walk the Moon, Phoebe Ryan, Wyclef, Cam'ron, Powers, and Magic Man are all on the new album. Speaking of Powers, she was featured too on The Knocks' more popular tracks evar (see fig. 1b).

The Knocks - Kiss The Sky ft. Wyclef Jean

The Knocks - Classic ft. POWERS (RAC Remix)

Art by Jeremy Mann


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