Dec 10, 2007

Röyksopp - “Only This Moment”

One of the many blogs I track on a daily basis is 'Good Weather For Airstrikes', who is based in the DC region. It's a great blog to add to your RSS feed if you have one, as he routinely profiles new bands in the indie and electronic genres. There are many direct links to many of the rare and unique singles and remixes from many of

Well they recently profiled an older song that came out several years ago from the Norwegian band Röyksopp. Check out the post from the aforementioned blog for links to the tracks. The song is called "Only This Moment" off the band's second LP The Understanding. The reasoning behind resurrecting such an old track is the emergence of two new remixes that do the song actually good justice. See the video below for more evidence of how good a track this still is.


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