Apr 26, 2008

God I hate this song....

And my apologies to those listeners/viewers/fellow bloggers that happen to like/love/enjoy this song... but I will show you exhibit A thru infinity of why this song is the worst ever created. And seriously, reason 1 being that when EVER this song is played by a dj at which EVER club you are at... people need to make space so they can dance the steps since they know this song. Most annoying and ridiculous thing I might've ever seen... ever.

Btw... as of this post... there are 101,502 videos of this song by [insert random name] on youtube. That there folks is defined as a plague.

The song of course is "Crank That" by Soulja Boy.

Frickin cookie cutter frat boys

Frickin SpongeBob

Frickin Dora the Explorer

Frickin Little Girl

Frickin Little Kids

More Frickin Little Kids

Even More Frickin Little Kids

Frickin Stupid Girls

EDIT: Oh my god... the list is actually endless. There are way too many people on youtube that have posted video's of this god damn song. What is the reason? None. None.


1 bitches:

Anonymous said...

Ugh TELL me about it, these people need to get with the program