Apr 24, 2008

Escort feat. Muppets


best effin' show evar
Escort is a funk/house/space disco/r&b group from Brooklyn, who has a sense of humor I like... syncing their hot single "All Through the Night" to the various scenes from the Muppet Show. Anyone who knows me should know how much I love the Muppets, so this struck at a special place for me (a place that doesn't see the sun and is embarassing to show off).

Escort "All Through the Night" [youtube]


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Taste: The Vengeance said...

i just youtubed minus world. it's a effin water world that loops. i still really wanna get to it though. how long have people known about this?

by the way we linked to you on our blog so you might have like two new readers. haha.