May 1, 2008

Know: Get Stop Ticket

Welp, I've posted tracks I love, videos that tickle my fancy, and reviewed shows and dj sets that have blown my mind. But I've yet to post that elusive 1 on 1 interview. That exclusive content that nobody else has. Until now bitches.

I recently sat down for a relaxing web-brunch with the members of Get Stop Ticket, an eclectic quirky pop band that currently resides outside Brooklyn, NY. Their lyrics sound like nonsense, but in fact are about everything. And the following are a few picks from their collective brain.


bitchen: Who is Get Stop Ticket?
gst: [members] Taste: The Vengeane (Justin Tiemeyer), Elijah (Elliot Mayo), Bexxx (Becky Prevette), Fi-Rocket (Fiona Maier)

bitchen: Tell me a bit about the history of the band, for those that haven't known you for 12+ years.
gst: high school buddies Justin and Elliot had always suggested being in a band together, including a band named dudmangai 1999 that never fully came together, but finally when they moved to Brooklyn, they realized that it was a possibility. Recruiting roommates and long time friends Becky and Fiona gave them the full Get Stop Ticket roster. More history to come as the band ages.

bitchen: How bout your short term future plans for the band?
gst: Completion of their first album Love Bin, begin making music videos for all the songs, Get Stop Ticket DJ mix, party events where GST DJ's spin at local venues, [...] and hopefully an infomercial appearance or two.

bitchen: Are there any other bands you're involved in?
gst: Elliot is successful as DJ Elijah and is working on a collaboration with one DJ Aegis as we speak. Justin was formerly in the rock band Craig and is always saving up material for his solo project, Justin Tiemeyer and his Honky Tonk Humunculus.

bitchen: What are your thoughts on the current music scene in general, not necessarily in your area.
gst: the great thing about the current music scene is that even if it sucks we can listen to stuff that doesn't suck from past music scenes. As is, I think it's becoming much more democratic, and the old belief that anyone can be in a band and sweep the world is once again possible.

The first time it was possible was with the help of Leo Fender and his cheap guitars. But today it's possible because of myspace and youtube. There's a lot of cool electronic and electro-pop music, and even straight pop is seeing some really soulful and original moves, like Justin Timberlake for example.

The great thing about today's music scene is that the talent is spread everywhere, and you get something of a metropolis of music: the good stuff is in every genre and people aren't drawing boundaries with their taste nearly as often as they used to. to quote tom petty: "the future is wide open"

bitchen: What's in your cd player/ipod right this second?
gst: The Ting Tings , Uffie, Arcade Fire, John Frusciante

bitchen: How about other fun shit like tv, movies, games, comics, beer, parties, travels, etc that take up your time?
gst: well, LOST is the best written show on earth, and the band tends to really like House as well; Big Bang Theory and Reaper are issues that divide the band. We're all really excited for Iron Man and the new Shyamalan movie --- this summer's going to be an amazing movie summer, while Justin is reading everything in the ultimate marvel catalog, very excited about comics.

We usually drink Circus Boy when it comes to beer, or Stella Artois or something, though Justin likes the occasional 'cowboy beer' (Miller Lite). There are tons of random parties and random places in the city that end up being a better experience than any pre-planned concert of party, so cheers to those --- Studio B in Brooklyn is kind of great. And as far as travels... we're hoping to spend a week or weekend in New England at a cottage or cabin of some sort.


I'd like to send out a big thanks to my friends at Get Stop Ticket for the pseudo-interview, and hope nothing but the best in their future endeavors. In the mean time, check their collective myspace persona's for tracks, events, and other various forms of tomfoolery.

Get Stop Ticket [myspace]


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