Apr 30, 2008

Adult Swim + Ghostly International

Need I say more? I'm not going to patronize you all with explaining wtf adult swim is (if you dont know, use god damn google). Ghostly International however might be someone you haven't heard of. They are an [effin amazin] indie electronic record label started in Ann Arbor, MI back in 1999. I first heard about them probably 5 years ago in a Rolling Stone article, and instantly fell in love with the likes of Midwest Product, Dykehouse, and Dabrye.


The two have paired up for a compliation of music and art that is sure to rock your flippin socks off. Best of all, its all free (once again, need I remind you all, "free" means that the global monetary exchange observes this as being worthless, so you can save your coin for gas, booze and hookers).

Check the site for the free material, and if the free ish didn't wet your fancy enough... us Chicago bred electrobots will be treated with three of Ghostly's upstarts: Osborne, Michna, and Kill Memory Crash at none other than my all time favorite bar/club/dance floor killing venue, Sonotheque. May 15th bitches.


Ghostly International Releases - Ghostly Swim [link]
Adult Swim presents Ghostly Swim [link]
BoyCatBird drops some cool goodies [link]


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