May 20, 2008

Ctrl X, Ctrl C (Ctrl V)

Photo by Bridget Badore

Cut Copy (and Paste). Every blogger in the world has been posting about Cut Copy like they were in a presidential candidacy race, and over the last week have been revisiting the Aussie troupe de kick-ass due to a recent Midnight Juggernauts remix. Fellow Australian cosmic-synth/astral-organ/electronica stars did a phenomenal spin on "Hearts on Fire" with the kind of epic unconsciousness that every blogger and their dog needs to post about, and they listened.

I've had this on repeat for about a week, and will probably stay in my rotation of songs that I use to get my drunk-on when the weekend calls. Definitely excited to hear this track spun into DJ mixtapes over the course of the summer.


the juggernauts pwned the ish out of that song

Does anybody else get more excited about a high profile remix (even lo-prof) than of the actual song? Especially in this type of electronica genre where the production value is so crisp and defined that it sometimes leaves the hipster dancers waiting in the wings, and then a bangin remix comes along and restores that energy. Meh, its prolly just me.

I'll get to posting the song later... in the mean time, check any of the blogs on my buddy list to the right, as they've almost all posted the track recently anyway.

Mp3: Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

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