May 14, 2008

More from Menowah


I posted a little while ago about Menowah and their absolutely bangin' Genesis remix. The track is one of the better Justice remixes I've heard, and that's saying something seeing how Cross was easily the heaviest remixed album of the last year plus. Give the song a listen if you haven't already.

Menowah is a Chicago DJ duo consisting of cophandz and jyoung. The two fellas met fittingly enough at an Alexander Robotnick show, and have been gracing us with some bangin' tunes ever since.

Photo by Avant/Chicago

I asked them about the impending galactic shift in the universe when not one, but two new albums rise from the horizon:
"The album has been going on a year now, and it will be available for free when its complete as well as the remix album. The remix album is a collection of djs/producers whom menowah is fond of and were nice enough to grace us with their talent."
If you've visited their space and like what you hear, then you should be pleased with the new material (woot!). Expect more stuff like the ELO [Sweet Talking Girls] remix (double woots!).

And along the same lines as remixing ELO, I inquired what they see/wish-to see in the near future in regards to the electronic music scene:
"I myself really wanna see or hear more classic rock songs being brought into electro and house... there's a lot of potential there."
Major thanks to Menowah for the new content, and I'll be sure to keep you all updated when new material drops. Expect some great things to come in the near future, but to calm your urges for now, here's something off the impending new album as well as a few other goodies.


Mp3: Menowah - Forget F12 [exclusive]

Mp3: Menowah - Safemode

Mp3: Menowah - Sweet Talking Women

ps- And a reminder to see the post below where menowah will be joining up with several other local dj's for a free set (BYOB!!).


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