May 27, 2008


I like to think that brothers watch out for each other. At least I like to think that I do for my little brother, and visa versa. Well my bro was watching out for my musical well being several months ago when he pointed me towards a band that slipped under my radar, Ratatat. I've been impressed with their unique electronica/rock sound, and while the Brooklyn duo is not new, they were once new to me, and now has a new album coming out this summer, which you should educate yourselves about.


Well you can tell that today I pleased to read off of Analog Giant that a new Ratatat track has emerged. "Mirando" comes off their upcoming new album so appropriately titled LP3, and has been paired with a new video (never was much of a Predator fan). It's not a banger, but neither is Ratatat. It's an quirky little experimental track with some 8 bit influence, have a listen and enjoy. Buy the new album on July 8th.


Mp3: Ratatat - Mirando

Mp3: Ratatat - Mahalo

Ratatat - Mirando [youtube]
Official Ratatat Website [link]
New Single "Shiller" on 7" [buy]
New album LP3 out July 8th [preorder]


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