Jun 9, 2008

The Bot


Do you all remember my post a little while ago featuring the Pnau remix by Breakbot? Wasn't that song just a pleasant break in the sometimes tedious and repetitive electro genre? It's not all just about the heavy distorted bass and glitched-out synths. Sometimes it takes a nice gentle keyboard that can make a track worthwhile. Breakbot knows that game, and knows it well.

The 'Baby' remix was hardly a next-of-kin to the original, more like a completely new mix. You'll find those same pleasant, warming, and welcoming beats in most of his work, like 'Summer Party', which I find to be the perfect song for a Sunday stroll thru Grant Park. Kinda paints life with a certain comfort.

I know these tracks aren't the newest and most game breaking in the genre, but sometimes the smaller gems get covered in the weeds. Enjoy.

Mp3: Breakbot - Summer Party

Mp3: Breakbot - Stereo Provolone

Mp3: ARROW!!! - D.O.E.S. (Breakbot's French Pute Remix)


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