Jun 5, 2008

Daft Punk vs DigiKid84

Image from Danger! Danger! audioblog

You know how much I love the 80's inspired electro, right? DigiKid84 is at the pinnacle of that movement, which is lead by the likes of Futurecop!, Xinobi, Hot Pink Delorean, and Moulinex.

I dont think there is anything I need to say about Daft Punk's late killer off Discovery, "Face to Face"; so I wont. I'll let this new mashup from Neon Coyote do all the talking. This little ditty perfectly blends both the 80's electro runner and the Godfathers of dancetronica. Give it some love bitches!


Mp3: Neon Coyote - Daft Punk vs Digikid84 (Face to Face vs BBoy Underground)


1 bitches:

Jan L. said...

Kewl! It's a awesome song indeed.. :)