Jun 29, 2008

I Am...

Leaving. I was torn whether or not to post about my impending vacation. A) because it literally ruins the "surprise" visit I have in store for my parents of whom I haven't seen since Thanksgiving, and B) because it gives all you fockers a reason not to visit the best damn music blog on the planet for several days til my return.

Welp, fock you fockers. Here's the last post for a couple days. I dont have anything epic from the inbox or really any HC bangers from my recent playlists. These aren't even anything remotely closely similar to electro. Just a few things related to me being semi-emotional at 5:30 in the morning on a Sunday while watching Wedding Crashers and wishing I could be with my extended family during 4th of July weekend.

Lets go kill some birds, I'm psyched!

btw... if you are related to me, dont tell my 'rents, cos this is supposed to be a surprise visit. Take care y'all!

Mp3: Coldplay - Sparks

Mp3: The Cars - Drive

Mp3: Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime


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